Classroom Windows Software

Microsoft Windows 10 (64-bit)

All the software listed is of the latest stable version available to IMS-IT at the beginning of the semester. While Microsoft Windows and Office are updated regularly, no other software updates are done during the course of a semester, unless one is necessary due to emergent circumstances (i.e. a major security vulnerability).

Adobe Flash Player
Web browser plug-in
Adobe Reader
PDF document reader and web browser plug-in
ESET Antivirus
antivirus and security software
web browser
Oracle JRE
Java Runtime Environment enabling Java support
Microsoft Office 2019 (32-bit)
Includes Excel, PowerPoint, Word
Microsoft Windows Media Player
SSH client
SFTP/FTP client
Audio/video conferencing; configured with department account (free features only, no Skype Out or Skype In) but may be used with personal account (be sure to log off!)
Versatile media player for other format support
Audio/Video conference software for meetings and classes (be sure to log off!)