Transfers & Duplication

Transfers and Transcoding

The MPC can provide advice on web publishing options and recommend an appropriate method to archive your media from legacy formats. We deliver product files to your specification in virtually any format.

 Supported Formats:

  • Video
    • Formats: VHS, Betamax, BetaSP, Laserdisc, U-matic, Hi-8 (analog), MiniDV, HDV, DVCAM
    • International Standards: PAL & SECAM to NTSC
  • Audio
    • Formats: 1/4" Reel-to-reel tape (most track configurations and speeds), cassette, phono disc, DAT, MiniDisc, PCM F-1
    • File Types: wav, aif, mp3, m4a, and others
    • all sample & bit rates


The MPC provides CD, DVD, and Blu-ray disc duplication with a wide variety of packaging options.

Copyright Protection Policies

We are unable to make duplicates of copyrighted audio, video, or multimedia materials without explicit written permission from the copyright owner. We can excerpt materials in accordance with Harvard Copyright Policies.