MTS Policies

Important - Recording at Harvard University

  • You must obtain consent to record faculty, staff, students, and guests. For sample documents and questions, contact the Office of General Council
  • All Harvard-affiliated videos that will be posted online for individuals off-campus, must be captioned. There are several services from which to choose for captioning
  • We are unable to record, stream, or make copies of copyrighted audio, video, or multimedia materials without explicit written permission from the copyright owner. We can excerpt materials in accordance with Harvard Copyright Policies.

Course Recordings

  • Requests for semester-long course recordings must be made within the first two weeks of the spring or fall semesters and will be subject to availability;
  • Courses that wish to be recorded for Canvas must first agree to our Service Level Agreement;
  • Video recording by a technician is only available for semester-long recordings; single lecture recordings can be done in a self-service fashion with loaned equipment;
  • Support will be limited to one technician per course with the exception of courses occurring in Sanders Theater and Science Center lecture halls. TF, TA, and CA training is encouraged at the beginning of the semester for all courses - contact MTS for more information;
  • Confirmation will only be given after staffing is confirmed; if staffing is unavailable, recordings can be performed in a self-service fashion with loaned equipment.

Staffed Events

  • MTS is only able to support events in FAS spaces
  • Requests for staffed event support must be made two weeks in advance and will be subject to availability;
  • Modifications to event details (location, time, equipment, etc.) made after the confirmation number is received will be fulfilled subject to availability;
  • No weekday staffed event requests will be accepted for events occurring during the first two weeks of fall and spring semesters;
  • Confirmation will only be given after staffing is confirmed;
  • Staffing for weekday events during the fall or spring semesters will begin after the first two weeks of the semester to allow for course recording requests to be fulfilled;
  • A technician will not be available if the requested equipment can be used in a self-service or setup/breakdown capacity. If you would like a technician to remain for the duration, outside vendors will be recommended.


  • Requests for setup/breakdown support must be made at least two business days in advance and will be subject to availability;
  • Setup/breakdown support is only available during our regular business hours;
  • Equipment needs and location will dictate whether setup/breakdown service is appropriate.

Self Service

  • A request must be submitted in order to use built-in equipment and may incur a fee.

Equipment Loan

  • Subject to availability, requests must be made at least one business day in advance for equipment rental requests if the pickup time is within our equipment loan operating hours of Monday - Friday 8:30 AM - 4:00 PM.

Billing and Payment Types

Regular charges apply to all but those who meet the criteria listed below:

  • No charge for equipment and labor (subject to availability*)
    • Faculty of Arts & Sciences courses and course-related activities that are restricted to course members;
    • Office of the FAS Secretary;
    • FAS Financial Office - DA Meetings;
    • Office of the Dean for Administration and Finance;
    • FAS Registrar's Office - FAS Exam Proctor Trainings;
    • Diversity Dialogues - FAS Human Resources (limited to two MTS technicians, charges associated with any additional MTS labor).

*Labor charges may be incurred for activities occurring outside of M-F 8:00 AM - 5:00 PM or requiring significant resources, and when MTS must hire from a vendor in order to accommodate a request.

Payment types

  • Harvard departments must provide a 33-digit billing code when requesting services and payment will be due in advance. If the event is staffed for the duration, an invoice will be sent after the work has been completed;
  • Student groups may pay by their student group’s 33-digit billing code, cash ($250 limit, main office location only), or a check payable to "Harvard University". When renting equipment, payment is due in advance. When hiring technicians to staff an event, student groups must pay within ten business days of receiving the invoice, unless otherwise specified. Student groups failing to pay fees on-time will forfeit their discount and may be refused service in the future;
  • Individuals and outside organizations must pay by check payable to "Harvard University" at time of service or when an invoice is received;
  • We do not accept credit cards.

Labor Policies

  • Events that extend more than 30 minutes after their scheduled end time may not receive support beyond the scheduled time. If the technician remains until the new end time, the labor rate will be doubled for the additional time.
  • There is a 4-hour minimum labor charge for all weekend events;
  • All weekend events requiring staffing will be charged a $60 weekend surcharge;

Cancelling Services (please provide as much advance notice as possible)

  • Weekday events that are canceled or modified with less than two full business days' notice will be charged for all scheduled labor;
  • Weekend events that are canceled or modified after 12:00 PM the Monday preceding the event will be charged for all scheduled labor;
  • Canceling events or services without notifying MTS will result in full charges for both the equipment and labor.

Additional Service Changes

  • We will no longer be able to deliver laptops for FAS, DCE, Summer School, and J-term classes. Laptop loans can be arranged for pickup using our online form or by contacting Requests should be made at least one business day in advance. Your loan is subject to availability and is not confirmed until you receive a confirmation number;
  • Laptop dongles, laser pointers, and wireless presentation remotes are available on a limited basis.

Videoconferencing and Web conferencing

MTS does not own or maintain any video-conferencing systems or directly support multipoint conferencing software such as Skype, Zoom, or WebEx, but we can assist with conferences where MTS equipment is being used (ie: projection, webcam, Skype Speakerphone). Clients will be responsible for coordinating the videoconference, initiating the call, and troubleshooting any software issues. MTS can assist with integrating classroom equipment and/or MTS portable equipment, subject to labor and equipment availability.

There are some video-conferencing rooms on campus, which are managed by Harvard University IT or individual areas. While this is not a comprehensive list, below are some videoconferencing and web-conferencing resources:

Student Groups

Official student groups (those listed with Harvard College's Office of Student Life or with The Graduate School of Arts and Sciences) may use the built-in multimedia equipment in all FAS self-service locations free of charge and receive a 50% discount on portable equipment under the following conditions:

  • The event is funded by the student group;
  • The student group completed the Service Request form at least two business days prior to the event (students are also strongly encouraged to receive instructions on the use of multimedia equipment prior to their event);
  • The student group turns off all projectors and displays at the end of their event. Projectors and displays left on will be billed at full price;
  • All equipment is left in the same condition it was found. Any damage, loss, or theft of the equipment will be charged to the student group. This includes the dismantling of equipment racks and removal of cables and/or dongles;
  • Labor cannot be discounted.

In some spaces, there are handheld wireless microphones that are kept locked in the room for security. If you wish to use these microphones, there will be an equipment charge with a 50% student group discount as well as a setup/breakdown fee for the labor involved in sending a technician to set up and breakdown those microphones during our regular business hours, or OT labor (if a technician is available) if your event occurs outside of our hours of operation.