Who is charged?
  • FAS Departments: Fees are charged for non-academic functions, academic symposia, conferences, and any events that charge attendees. IMS also charges fees for special course meetings that are open to members of multiple courses, or are open to the public.
  • Student Groups
  • Individuals and Outside organizations
  • Extension & Summer School Classes
  • Other Harvard Schools

Who is not charged?

FAS Classes: Services and equipment offered by IMS are available without charge to exclusively support Faculty of Arts & Sciences courses and course-related activities that are restricted to members of one course.

Student Group Discount

FAS Official student groups (those listed with Harvard College's Student Life or with The Graduate School of Arts and Sciences) receive a 50% discount on equipment charges. Labor and materials cannot be discounted.

Weekend Labor

There is a 4-hour minimum labor charge for all weekend events.

How charges are collected

  • Harvard Departments: Should provide a 33-digit billing code when requesting services and will be charged after the work has been completed.
  • Student Groups: Students may pay by 33-digit billing code, cash, or a check payable to "Harvard University." When renting equipment, payment is due in advance. When hiring technicians to staff an event, student groups must pay within two business days of receiving the invoice, unless otherwise specified. Student groups failing to pay fees on-time will forfeit the discount on equipment charges and may be refused service in the future.
  • Individuals and Outside organizations: Must pay by check payable to "Harvard University" at time of services.

Canceling services

Events canceled with less than two full business days notice will be charged for labor. Please provide as much advance notice as possible.

Course lecture recording

Courses that wish to be recorded for the web will be asked to agree to our Service Level Agreement. NOTE: Recorded lectures are generally available for distribution online within three to five business days.

Copyright protection policies

We are unable to make duplicates of copyrighted audio, video, or multimedia materials without explicit written permission from the copyright owner. We can excerpt materials in accordance with Harvard Copyright Policies.