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Connecting a Mac laptop to a projector

Following our suggested method of connecting your Mac laptop will reduce the risk of issues when connecting to MTS projectors.

  1. Power up the projector.
  2. Select the laptop input on the control system panel.

    Control system panel example

  3. Connect the VGA cable to the Mac VGA adaptor then connect the adaptor to the laptop.
    Mac display adaptor
  4. Connect the other end of the VGA cable to the VGA input plate located on the lec tern, equipment rack, wall, or in a floor box.

    Lectern/wall VGA input plate example

  5. Power up your laptop.
  6. After your laptop fully boots up, make sure the light on the VGA input plate changes from amber to green.
  7. If the light doesn't change from amber to green and you don't see your laptop image projecting, hold down the "Command" key and press the "F2" key to detect displays (projectors) that are connected to the Mac laptop.
  8. If the control system panel has one, press the "Auto image" button once your laptop image is projecting.
  9. Connect the 3.5mm audio connector to the laptop's headphone output.

    Audio Connector

  10. Connect the other end of the 3.5mm audio connector to the "Audio" input on the VGA input plate.
  11. Turn the laptop's volume up to about 75% and adjust volume using the program audio control on the room's control system panel.